Star Anise, Whole, Organic

Star Anise, Whole, Organic

$ 24.95

Star Anise, illicium verum, is originally a native of Indochina, and a member of the magnolia family. Its anise flavor is derived from the same compound, anethole, that is responsible for the flavoring of (the completely unrelated) European Anise, pimpinella anisium.

In India, it is a component of the garam masala spice blend, as well as the hot tea beverage, masala chai. In Vietnam, it is used in pho, a noodle soup. Star Anise is one of the ingredients in the traditional Chinese Five Spice powder, and is used extensively in Indonesia and Malaysia.

These are Whole Star Anise pods from Vietnam. Think infusion, garnish, and as a component of a hot mulled cocktail, or as part of a simple spiced cider!

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16oz or 4oz foil package.