Cubeb Berries Whole Organic

Cubeb Berries Whole Organic

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Also Comet Tail Pepper, Java Pepper, Cubebs & Kemukas. Distinctive in both appearance and flavor, it has been said that cubeb has a flavor similar to allspice combined with common black pepper. It is native to Indonesia, more specifically the islands of Java and Sumatra.
A member of the same genus, piper, as black pepper, (piper nigrum), they are cured in much the same way. The berries are picked when not yet ripe, then dried. The outer skin and flesh then contracts around the interior seed and takes on a blackish-grey color and a wrinkled appearance.
It is still used to flavor foods in Indonesia. In Europe, it flavors gin, vodka and cigarettes. An outstanding and unique infusion ingredient. From India. Certified Organic.
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4oz foil package

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