Licorice Root Pieces, Cut and Sifted, Organic

Licorice Root Pieces, Cut and Sifted, Organic

$ 11.95

Glycyrrhiza. If you say it fast a couple of times it almost sounds like the word licorice. Which is (kind of) how the name of this plant became anglicized.

It's Latin botanical name, however, comes from the Greek word meaning "sweet root." And sweet it is. The chemical compound found in its roots, glycyrrhizic acid, is more than 50 times as sweet as ordinary table sugar.

This is 100% pure glycyrrhiza glabra root, cut into small pieces and sifted for size uniformity. Organically produced in Egypt. Making a stout or porter-style home-brew, or simply seeking a great infusion or syrup ingredient? You are good to go.

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4oz Foil Package