Cinnamon 2 3/4" Sticks Organic Premium Cinnamon 2 3/4" Sticks Organic Premium

Cinnamon 2 3/4" Sticks Organic Premium

$ 18.95

First of all, what exactly is a cinnamon stick? It is the dried inner bark - the oil rich phloem layer - of the tropical cinnamomum tree. This bark is first cut and peeled from the tree. During the subsequent drying process these pieces curl up to form "sticks." This product is cinnamomum burmanii, a Cassia type variety. Thicker, with a stronger, more spicy flavor than Ceylon type cinnamon. A nice product. A little smaller than the normal stick.  Organically grown in Indonesia. Try it freshly grated to garnish a cream based cocktail, or use whole in a toddy or hot buttered rum.

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16oz foil

Illustration: The Cinnamon Tree, A Curious Herbal, Elizabeth Blackwell, 1735.

Fun Fact: In order to obtain funds to free her husband from debtors prison, Elizabeth Blackwell sketched various plants at Kew Gardens in London and published them as the book A Curious Herbal. True love!

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