Weird, Sundry, Seasonal

Odds & ends, flotsam & jetsam, weird, whacked-out and seasonal. It all goes here. Call or email for more information, or for delivery to your establishment, event or office in NYC.
Activated Charcoal Powder, Hardwood, Food Grade 16 oz pouch USA
Beeswax Slab, yellow, filtered 16oz block USA
Bee Pollen, Natural, produced in USA only. 16oz foil USA
Binchotan, Ubame Oak Charcoal, Maru, cut branches call for price & availability Japan
Carbon del Sur, hardwood lump charcoal,  18lb bag Columbia
Matches, Wooden, 21/2" , Ohio Blue Tip 250ct USA
Mini Nutmeg Grater each China
Umbrella Picks call  
Mini Clothespins call  
Jumbo Marshmallows, very large 24oz bag USA
Mini Marshmallows  call USA  +1 646 844 4540   Send a text