Combustibles, Smoking Woods, Charcoal, Things That Burn

Lots of eclectic items here. Binchotan, Carbon del Sur, Shagbark Hickory Bark and 13 varieties of smoking woods, perfectly sized for smoking cocktails, or for the grill. 

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Black Cherry Heartwood
Black Cherry Heartwood,  wild harvested 1lb Pennsylvania
Cherry Blocks
Cherry Blocks, approx 1"  1lb USA
Cherry Planks
Cherry Planks, 4" x 7" x 1/4" 5 pack USA
Licorice Root Sticks
Licorice Root Sticks 1lb USA
Oak Bourbon Barrel Staves
Oak Bourbon Barrel Staves, approx. 34" , widths vary each USA
Peach Wood
Peach Wood,  wild harvested 1lb Pennsylvania
Pear Wood
Pear Wood,  wild harvested 1lb Pennsylvania
Red Oak Heartwood
Red Oak Heartwood,  wild harvested 1lb Pennsylvania
Dried Whole Sage Leaf
Sage Leaf Whole, Dried, salvia officinalis, not incense 1oz CA
Shagbark Hickory

Shagbark Hickory Bark, strips, wild harvested

1lb Pennsylvania
Sugar Maple Pieces
Sugar Maple Chunks, wild harvested, without bark, clean 1lb Pennsylvania
Wild Blackberry Canes
Wild Blackberry Canes, 8", thorns removed,  8oz, 16oz Pennsylvania
Wild Applewood Pieces
Wild Applewood Chunks, from feral trees, without bark 1lb Pennsylvania
Binchotan, Ubame Oak Charcoal, Maru, cut branches
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Carbon del Sur
Carbon del Sur, hardwood lump charcoal 18lb bag Columbia
Ohio Blue Tip
Matches, Wooden, 21/2" , Ohio Blue Tip 250ct USA  +1 646 844 4540   Send a text