Organic Spices Infusion Bittering +++

Clean, bright organic flavors. Bittering ingredients. A judicious sampling of souring and emulsification components. Plus lots of obscure and unusual items: Bark, berries, blossoms, seeds, nibs, roots, powders, flowers, dusts and granules.

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Acid, Citric Acid Fine Granules, non GMO, MP. 10lb pouch USA
Acid, Citric Acid MP 400g pouch USA
Acid, Lactic Acid, Vegan from Beetroot, Druids Grove 8oz pouch USA
Acid, Malic Acid, MP. 400g pouch USA
Aleppo Pepper, crushed, beautiful product! 16oz pouch Med
Allspice Whole Organic  16oz pouch Guatemala
Anise Seed Whole Organic 16oz pouch Turkey
Annatto Seed Whole 16oz pouch India
Bee Pollen, Natural, USA Product Only. 16oz pouch USA


Beeswax Block, filtered, natural yellow, cask sealing 16oz block USA


Beet Root Powder, Organic 16oz pouch India
Burdock Root, Cut & Sifted, Organic, for bitters ! 16oz pouch China
Butterfly Pea Flower  12oz pouch Sydney
Calendula Flowers Petals Only 16oz pouch Egypt
Calendula Flower Powder Organic 4oz pouch Egypt
Calendula Flowers Whole Organic 4oz pouch Egypt
Charcoal Powder, Hardwood, Activated Food Grade 16oz pouch USA
Cherry Bark, Wild, Organic, Cut & Sifted, for bitters ! 16oz Guatemala
Chicory Root Granules, Roasted Organic 16oz pouch USA
Chile, Aleppo Pepper, Crushed, beautiful product 16oz pouch Med
Chile Flakes, Red Crushed, Organic 16oz pouch India
Chile Powder, Ancho, Organic, pure ancho, mild 16oz pouch USA


Chile Powder, Chipotle, Organic, pure chipotle 16oz pouch USA
Chile Powder, Dark Roast Organic, pure chiles, mild 16oz pouch USA

Chile Threads, Red Dried

4oz pouch Korea
Chile, Whole Dried, Mexican, virtually ALL types available Call! Mexico
Cinchona Bark pieces, for tonic, bitters 8oz pouch Peru
Cinnamon Sticks 10” cassia variety 16oz pouch Indonesia
Cinnamon Sticks 6" cassia variety 16oz pouch Indonesia
Cinnamon Sticks Organic 2.75” cassia variety 16oz pouch Indonesia
Cloves Whole Organic 16oz pouch Sri Lanka
Cocoa Nibs Raw Organic 16oz pouch Brazil
Cocoa Powder, Barry Callebaut Extra Brut 22/24% fat 1kg pouch FRance
Cocoa Powder Organic, natural non alkalized 12% fat. 4oz, 16oz pouch Peru
Cornflowers, Whole

4oz, 16oz pouch


Dandelion Root Raw Organic, Cut & Sifted          for bitters

 16oz pouch

Dulse Leaf Granules, Organic, Sea Seasonings 1.50oz shaker Maine
Elder Berries, Dried, Organic 4oz pouch Croatia
Elder Flowers Cut & Sifted, CLOSEOUT 16oz pouch Croatia
Gentian Root Organic, Cut & Sifted 4oz pouch China
Ginger Root Sliced Organic Crystallized 16oz pouch China
Grains of Paradise Whole 16oz pouch W. Africa
Gum Arabic Powder, MP, for house gomme 400g pouch W. Africa
Hibiscus Flower, Petals Only, Organic 16oz pouch Egypt
Hibiscus Flower Powder Organic 4oz, 16oz pouch Egypt
Hibiscus Flowers Whole, Sorrel, Jamaica 16oz bag Mexico
Honey Powder Organic CLOSEOUT 4oz pouch USA
Horseradish Root Powder, Organic 4oz pouch USA
Jasmine Flowers Whole Dried 16oz pouch China
Juniper Berries Organic 16oz pouch Bosnia
Lavender Flowers Organic Super Grade 4oz, 16oz France
Lecithin Powder, from soy, non GMO 4oz pouch India
Licorice Root Sticks Organic 6" 16oz pouch China
Maple Syrup Granules Organic 4oz, 16oz pouch USA
Miso Powder Red 4oz pouch
Nanami Togarashi, Japanese 7-spice 15g jar


Nori Sheets, call 50ct pouch


Nutmeg Whole 4oz pouch



Orange Peel Pieces, Cut & Sifted 16oz pouch USA
Orange Peel Granules, Organic, Fine CLOSEOUT 16oz pouch USA
Peppercorns Whole Green 4oz pouch India
Peppercorns Whole Pink schinus terebinthifolius 4oz pouch Brazil
Peppercorns, Red Boat Phu Quoc Black Vietnamese Peppercorns 8,8oz (250g) jar Vietnam
Rose Hips Whole Organic 16oz pouch USA
Sarsaparilla Root Pieces 16oz pouch Mexico
Sesame Seed Black Whole CLOSEOUT 16oz pouch India
Sesame Seed Natural Organic with seedcoat CLOSEOUT 16oz pouch India
Star Anise Whole Organic, Nice! 16oz foil Vietnam
Tajin Classico, chile, lime, sea salt 12x14oz case Mexico  +1 646 844 4540   text 24hrs