Fruit, Dried

Great for garnish or infusion. Call or email for more information, or for delivery to your establishment, event or office in NYC.  +1 646 844 4540   Send a text

Dried Apricots
Apricots, Dried 2lb, varies call USA
banana Chips
Banana Chips, Organic, Food to Live, CLOSEOUT 2lb pouch USA
Dried Cherries
Cherries, Dried, Sweetened 5lb  box USA
Ocean Spray Dried Cranberries 3lb
Cranberries, Dried, OS "Craisins"  3lb pouch USA
Dates, various, call varies California
Crystallized Ginger Pieces
Ginger, Crystalized, Cubes or Slices, added sugar call call
Crystallized Pineapple Pieces
Pineapple, Dried, Diced pieces call call  +1 646 844 4540   Send a text