Bar Sugars & Sweeteners

From Agave to Stevia, we have what you need when you want something sweet. Call or email for more information, or for delivery to your establishment, event or office in NYC.  +1 646 844 4540   Send a text

"Absinthe" Green Label Wrapped Sugar Cubes
Bar Sugar Cubes Green "Absinthe" Wrapper, 2 cubes per packet 300 packets, 1000 packets Germany
Belgian Pearl Sugar
Belgian Pearl Sugar (beet sugar) 20oz jar Belgium
Big Tree Coconut Sugar, Organic 5oz
Coconut Sugar Blonde Organic, Big Tree, CLOSEOUT 5oz jar Bali
Roland Demerara Cubes Rough Cut
Demerara Sugar Cubes, Roland, Rough Cut 1kg box, 8x1kg Mauritius
Honey, various, call call USA
Honey Powder
Honey Powder, Pure, Organic 4oz pouch USA
La Perruche White Cubes Rough Cut
La Perruche Pure Cane Rough Cut Cubes, White 750g box France
maple Syrup Granules
Maple Syrup Granules Organic 16oz pouch USA
Piloncillo, 100% Sugar Cane, Brown 8oz cone Mexico
Pure Stevia Leaf Powder
Stevia Leaf Powder, pure powdered Stevia leaf 4oz pouch Paraguay
SuCaNat Organic Fair Trade 16oz pouch Paraguay
Sugar in the Raw 2lb bulk
Sugar in the Raw, bulk 2lb 2lb, 12x2lb USA  +1 646 844 4540   Send a text