Fresh Edible Flowers, Leaves, Microgreens

Bright fresh garnish for your culinary creations and your cocktail program! We provide dozens of varieties of micro garnish, living and cut microgreens, edible flowers and leaves.

Order SUNDAY for delivery Wednesday or Thursday.

Contact us for more information, or for delivery to your establishment, residence, event or office in NYC.  +1 646 844 4540   Text 24hrs

Apple Blossom 50ct container

Cornabria Blossoms

Cornabria Viola Blossom Mix, 50 ct package

Cornabria Blossom Mix
Flower Mix

Flower Mix, 50ct package

Lavender Stem
Lavender Stems, Fresh, 5", 150 ct package
marigold Marigold Blossoms Mix 50ct package
micro marigold Micro Marigold 200ct package
nasturtium flowers Nasturtium Flowers, 50ct package
Orchids, Thai Purple, no stem. 100ct cello box
Orchids Cello Box
Pansy Mix
Pansy Blossom Mix, 50 count package
Pansy Blossom Mix
Snapdragons Snapdragon Flowers, 50ct package
Micro Amaranth 6oz 
container   Cool electric violet color!
Micro Arugula Micro Arugula 6oz 
micro basil

Micro Basil, 6oz container

Micro Beet Bulls Blood
Micro "Bulls Blood" Micro Beet top, 8oz package
Micro Bulls Blood
micro carrot
Micro Carrot 8oz container
micro cilantro
Micro Cilantro 6oz container
Micro Mizuna Micro Mizuna 6oz container
Popcorn shoots 5" Popcorn Shoots 5" 8oz container
Micro Rainbow Mix 6oz container
micro green shiso
Micro Green Shiso 6oz container`
micro purple shiso Micro Purple Shiso 6oz container
Micro Wasabi
Micro Wasabi 6oz container
Micro Wasabi
Micro Sakura Mix, 6x3 Cups Living Microgreens Afillia, Purple Shiso, Purple Sakura (Daikon) Rock Chive, Borage, Tahoon
sushi mix
Micro Sushi Mix, 4x4 Cups Living Microgreens


Purple Shiso, Green Shiso, Purple Sakura (Daikon), Mustard


Green Shiso Leaf
Shiso Leaf, Green, 100 count tray
Green Shiso Box
purple shiso leaf Shiso Leaf Purple, 100 count tray
Kaffir Lime Leaf Fresh Kaffir Lime Leaf 1lb bag
lemon leaf

Fresh Lemon Leaf on the branch,   large bunch

ruscus leaf

Fresh Ruscus Leaf, Large Bunch

Wasabi Leaf

Fresh Oregon Coast Wasabi Leaves with Stem, 1lb bag

Order by Friday 12noon for delivery the following week!
wasabi rhizome Fresh Oregon Coast Whole Wasabi Rhizome For 1/2lb and 1lb quantities, order by Friday 12noon. For smaller quantities, text or call  +1 646 844 4540   text 24hrs